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Paris Miles


Hi!  I am Lynne.  My life is probably a lot like yours.  I live in a world that is full of emotions, thoughts, and the swirling of life’s adventures.  I am a wife, mom, grandma,  a spiritual teacher and a Buddhist monk.  I co- founded Dharma Center in 1998.  My life if full with family and friends, learning, reading, writing, teaching, traveling, and hiking.  Life on this planet amazes me, I am dazzled by her beauty and abundance.  

I have written two books, Awake in the Dream, and Meditation: Transform Your Life in 28 Days, A User Friendly Guide to Enlightenment.

I hope that this site, as it grows, will provide you with an interesting and inspiring cyberspace to visit on your internet journeys.  Please stop by one of my classes at Dharma Center in Ocean Beach, California (San Diego).  For a calendar of classes visit Dharma Center website.  If you are on FaceBook you can search for Dharma Center Page.

I also have a blog that you might enjoy, Write Now and Zen.

LET ME EXPLAIN: I am an ordained Buddhist Monk.  As you may know, there are no certificates or licenses. Ordination comes from teacher to student through a series of teaching empowerments.  I studied with my teacher for many years.  This site will help you understand that Buddhism is not a religion.  It is a way of life often  called “Self-Discovery”.  There is no dogma, perse.  There is a general philosophy that pervades the teachings, and that is a reverence for life.