Reaching into Aloha


This is one of my favorite words, it means “Hello” and “Goodbye”.  Isn’t that great?  The same word.
The islands of Hawaii call to me.  Ocean Beach in San Diego, and the Hawaiian Islands are my two homes on this planet.  I look towards the west, across the Pacific, and know that soon I will be floating in the warm salty waters and walking down my favorite dirt road on the North Shore of Kauai.  Sun shines on the shoreline where chocolate labs chase oversized crabs into their holes. Locals with spears in  hand fish in the torquoise waters where tourists snorkel and windsurfers jump over the choppy surface.  Someday soon my bare feet will step into the course sand on the cove in Haena known as the Banana Beach.  Sand for the Soul, and balmy Winds to cleanse the Spirit!

    lynnestandingART             Diamond Head by lm