January 28, 2014

Be fully present in the moment.  As Ramdass said many times, “Be Here Now”  How?  PAUSE!

MEDITATION:  Set your intention on a single focus a single point: stillness, silence.
Will you think during meditation?  Most Likely.   Look for the PAUSE between your thoughts. Be fully present, observe your thoughts and don’t follow them.  Look for the pause,  the space,  the gap between thoughts.

AND WHEN YOU ARE NOT MEDITATING: (which is most of the time)  PAUSE during the moments of your life.  Set your intention on a simple, new action – the PAUSE.  Right in the middle of  work, PAUSE.  During that PAUSE remind yourself to be present in the moment.  Accept the moment.   During work, play, cooking, cleaning, even during social moments, PAUSE.   During this PAUSE set your intention on being present and finding your calm center.  This pause gives you the power to choose how you will act after the pause.  Practice PAUSING during happy times, sad times, confusing times, and stressful times.