Here is a new word for you!  SHENPA!  It is a Buddhist term that is typically said to translate into the word attachment.  From the teachings of Pema Dhodron I have learned a better way to translate and understand the term SHENPA.
 Here is a conversation a mom had with her 6 year old daughter, who had just dumped her milk on the furniture for the third time.
“Sam, what is the matter with you?  How many times do you have to spill the milk?  Can you be more careful?  You are driving me crazy!”
Sam looked at the milk on the rug, looked at her mom, and started to dribble big tears.  
“I’m sorry mom” she said through sobs.
 So when did Shenpa happen?  When the little girl felt her gut tighten, when her tears began, when she felt sad and angry at herself .  SHENPA is the reaction you and I and Sam have to an event in our environment.  Something happens, either inside of our self, or outside.  The reaction, the physical, mental action, tje involuntary and voluntary changes in our body are the moment of Shenpa.  
The first step in being present in the moment, after practicing PAUSING, is to be aware of SHENPA.  Simply be aware of it.  That is all.