Moms and Grandmas

For Moms and Grandmas

Are you a mom? A grandmother? Do you feel like you’re losing it?  Do you need more time? Do you need more energy?

Learn how to find a calm center in the eye of the storm? The storm of course is your life as a mom or a grandma. The lessons on these pages are for you specifically. Be sure to study and apply information on the Lessons page, which has a more general audience.  Rather than duplicate those lessons for you, I am referring you to study those pages because the lessons will be useful for you. 

Take Care of YOU!   Being a mother is one of the most noble roles that you will ever have on this planet. It is also one of the most difficult!  There is not a cookbook for being an outstanding mom.  NO author can write you the perfect script for each challenge you face.

 If ever there was a role that forces you to live in the present moment, it is being a mother. You have to pull out the very best action in each changing moment.  In order to make the best decisions you must have a powerful, balanced center from which to move into action.  Every lesson you study on this website will help you develop that strong, wise center.  As you learn and grow, your center of balance and wisdom will expand, and your actions as a mom will come from that strength. 

 Be sure to refer to the Lessons page frequently, because some of the most basic and powerful lessons will be found on that page!