One of the problems in any Self Growth process is the possibility of self abuse.  You read or hear lessons for living that sound reasonable.  You, in fact, are seeking these lessons.  But you don’t put them into practice.  Of course, the lessons don’t work, because you don’t USE them in your life.  So now, instead of just frustration with your predictament, you add personal failure to the mix.

 “LIGHTEN UP FRANCIS”! (a line from the movie STRIPES). STOP!  Anytime you find yourself in the mindset of self-abuse with thoughts and words forget the pause.  JUST STOP.

 As you look through any set of lessons, whether they are on this website, in a book, or from a lecture series, ‘listen’ to the ONE lesson that you can begin NOW! 

 Do NOT beat yourself up.  Do NOT decide you are a failure, and slide into negative thoughts and self-talk. Take action, one step at a time.