February 29, 2014

Okay, this is the planet earth.  We all have egos, it is part of our physical reality, and therefore we all have story lines.   DROP YOURS.   You have a description of yourself, an identity.  DROP IT.  You have a history.  DROP IT.  You have thoughts and emotions than together go into infinite circles.  DROP THEM!  You define other people and hold them in that image.  DROP THIS PRACTICE!

When you meditate, your story line is there, waiting to be heard.  Each time you meditate.  DROP IT.  Each time you get caught up in any aspect of your storyline, through thinking circles.  DROP IT.

What do you do?  What do you believe? What is your history?  What will you be in the future?DROP IT!!!!

Circling transgressions against you? DROP IT  Circling negative thoughts about anything?  DROP IT!!

Do this in meditation.  Do this in each moment of your life.  The ultimate goal, LIVE IN THE PRESENT MOMENT!