Meeting Enlightenment

When you have the good fortune to meet a being on the planet who is enlightened, like Rama, and recognize him, your life changes. So my ‘agnostic’ mostly died, and my spiritual awakenings screeched around the corners of the great ride.

The ride changed when our teacher died.  The student in me is still alive and learning, lazy sometimes, passionate and inspired sometimes.  After Rama left the body, many of us, Jenna and I among the many, began dharma projects. Jenna and I opened Dharma Center in 1998, and her doors have been open from then to now.  

Members of  this Tribe Rama, who are’ lineage’ are independent and private.  And yet we have some common threads that create an eternal bond.  We experienced extraordinary moments in power and light.  We danced in the magic of enlightened awareness.  Most of us have no idea how we were drawn to Rama, but once we were introduced we had the ride of lifetimes. 

 I apologize to anyone out there who I have met and offended.  My stuff of ego is bundled in strange contrasts of shyness and confidence, humility and arrogance, ignorance and wisdom.  While teaching has been my lifetime passion, I still have a learning curve. I vacillate from powerful, happy and free, to painfully neurotic.  Since there are 10,000 states of mind there is a seemingly infinite inner landscape to explore.

I am a work in progress.  I am grateful for those moments when I walk closer to the light, and my ego, like a shadow on a sunless day, is invisible.   I am learning to accept my wholeness, with all of its niches of humanity and divinity. 

I invite you, to have a discussion with your Buddha nature.  Join me for a dip into the ocean of silent mind.   

 Namaste from Lynne.