Warrior’s Way – Personal Dissolution

We humans who are interested in finding our purpose on the planet Earth search outside and inside for clues to “why” we are alive.  Part of that process of personal growth, often called mindfulness, helps us uncover patterns of behavior.  As we notice our tendencies and behavioral patterns we make choices about change.  Sometimes, often times, we don’t see our patterns and history.  We get lost in our own perceptions of life. Many of know to meditate, practice the infinite combinations of mindfulness practices, journal, and travel.

If you are ready for a POWERFUL search that will advance your personal growth, begin to consider dissolving your personal history.  Gateways are open, beckoning you to enter.  Each human can choose to walk the same familiar pathways, comfortable as they step along old patterns.

YOU, who are on your journey home (om), might find the courage to ‘see’ the next gateway to who knows where.  It might be a book that will open the way to dissolution, it might be a teacher, a meditation, a dream, a hike or a trip.  The warrior’s ways is to prepare for the unknown moment when the gateway appears.  The warrior’s way is to go through the gateway, with faith that they are prepared to face the unknown and dissolve.