Happy New Year

Happy New Year!

Hoping your Christmas was clear and bright. and your 2016 will be an amazing adventure filled with laughter and health.

Peace on Earth would be a great goal for our war weary plane. An overwhelming abundance of love and joy would be another condition that would improve Planet Earth. I think it is a good idea to wish for all these things on a big scale, and believe in their possibilities.

I am looking towards the ringing in of 2016, and pondering New Year’s Resolutions. I decided to start personally, and go global. All change begins with individual change,and those seeds, given the right conditions for pollination, have the power to spread globally.

I resolve, in 2016 to:
Nurture Inner Peace
Learn Everywhere from Every One
Listen with my Heart
Love all life form, including myself
Follow the Four Agreements at a deeper Level
Be Compassionate
Master Humility (Being right is such a bore)
Be Present
Laugh More
Worry Less

Yours in Aloha