Road Trip changes Brain Highways


Travel is fun, exciting, a change of pace from the routine.  Road Trips are not only fun, but they are really powerful for those of us on the path of awakening.

How does that work?  The millions of neurons in your brain connect with each other during the moments of your life.  Over time you develop patterns from your history, and you literally use familiar connections or neural pathways, over and over.  If you could look at those pathways you would find something like brain freeways.

We meditate, we gather in sanghas, we visit places of power.  All of these activities raise our energy, and can dissolve our energy bodies and our neural pathways. The outcome is a shift in our perception, giving us the freedom to explore new connections between neurons.

Road Trips offer the same kind of opportunity to dissolve our structural patterns — our brain freeways.  Imagine that you are on a Road Trip, and you decide to explore dirt roads and back roads that may not even be on a road map. You take a risk, and move into the unknown.  Road Trips can offer you opportunities to explore new pathway in your brain, and new ways of experiencing the world.